Glitch Skylanders are 1/2 of the new rosters in Skylanders: Forces United. Since the Dark Avatar mastered all elements except for Glitch, none of the skylanders in the game have elements, and only Glitch skylanders do. 


Glitch Skylanders can do the following:

Good Things

  • Have two upgrades at the end of the chain the glitch out enemies and objects around them.
  • Are the Dark Avatars weak link
  • Control magic in Skylands.

Bad Things

  • They glitch out the game.
  • They take more damage in the Final Boss Battle
  • Make things look weird.

Glitch SkylandersEdit

There are 100 glitch skylanders.

  1. Copy Cat
  2. Feast Beast
  3. Proto Burn
  4. Future Fleet
  5. Shine Get
  6. Sleep Net
  7. Double Shot
  8. Dragon Claw
  9. Space Rover
  10. Tomb Up
  11. Control Tower
  12. Sound Wave
  13. Time Capsule
  14. Hollow Back
  15. Sun Screw
  16. Rot Rod
  17. Loop-de-Loop
  18. Steel Flame
  19. Arrow Glitcher
  20. Bumb Around
  21. Glitch Proof
  22. Glitch Glow
  23. Ghoul Fool
  24. High Tech
  25. Time Tracker
  26. Glow Out
  27. Chrome Bomb
  28. Scream Liner
  29. Hyper Sword


  • Many Glitch Skylanders have the word "glitch" in their names.
  • High Tech is also the name of a scrapped fanmade skylander.
  • Ghoul Fool has the same name as one of Skullchain's upgrade names.
  • A loop de loop is two loops. When playing as Loop de Loop, you'll see he has nothing about him resembling loop de loop, other than him jumping in a loop de loop, and wearing sneakers.
  • Glitch Proof is Bullet Proof's brother.
  • Shine Get is also a catchphrase of an fanmade skylander that a creator made.
  • Proto Burn makes the third skylander to have "Proto" in his name.
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