Zap, mentioned in Garnet Jet's biography.


A chunk of garnet

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Garnet JetEdit

Garnet Jet is the water element core skylander of Skylanders: Party. He is available in a double pack with Beam Steam, and in the Undersea Palace level pack.



Fine Spray

Press Attack 1 to shoot a jet of water that damages enemies.

Pick Attack

Press Attack 2 to swing a pickaxe at enemies. Press Attack 2, Attack 2, hold Attack 1 to shoot a jet of water that does increased damage.

Visible Upgrades:


Fine Spray does increased damage.

Metal Mayhem

Hold Attack 2 to swing the pickaxe and do a spiral attack.

Power Jet

Shoot out more jets of water when performing Fine Spray by holding Attack 1.

Balloon Bomb

Press Attack 3 to throw a water balloon.

Upgrade Paths:

Pressurized: 1. Garnet Dusting                                                                             2. Pressurized Water                                               3. Garnet Blasting

Adds a fine dusting of garnet to water jets that increases damage. Water is pressurized and does maximum damage.Hold Attack 1 and Attack 3 to shoot a large garnet.

Gemstone Griefer: 1. Gem Explosion                                                                                                           2. Driller                                                                   3. Tunneller

      Water balloon explosions release shards of garnet, which do damage in a large area. Pickaxe is now a drill that has maximum damage. Hold Attack 2 even longer to dig underground, where you can move freely.

Soul Gem: Rippin' Whirlpool- Hold Attack 3 to summon a whirlpool that sucks down small enemies and medium sized enemies. Hold down Attack 3 even longer for a whirlpool that sucks down bigger enemies.


"Cut through the steel!"

Garnet Jet was a cousin of Zap. However, Garnet Jet had completely different powers, winning Zap's jealousy. He congratulated him for training, became great friends with him, and tried to convince his evil siblings, who did not like Garnet Jet, that he wasn't so bad. This just made them angrier. They set against their brother, and Garnet Jet came to protect Zap. After the battle, Zap introduced Garnet Jet to Eon, who made him a skylander.

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