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Basic Stats
Attack 45 (max. 109)
Defense 78 (max. 102)
Speed 100 (max. 178)
Luck 67 (max. 150)
Other attributes
Element Magic
Type Core
Appears in Skylanders: Battle of Magic
"Shooting Star!"
—Galaxy's official catchphrase

A picture of Galaxy on Animal Jam.

Galaxy is a winged tiger Core Skylander of the Magic Element who appears in Skylanders: Battle of Magic.

Galaxy is a purple tiger with a yellow star fur pattern, she has black and gray wings with an orange horn on the tip. She wears a black crown and dark gray crescent moon necklace. She has purple eyes.


Wise and kind, Galaxy is a magical tiger dedicated to fighting evil. Her specialty is healing magic, and she loves to help others with her magic. This power and kindness caught the attention of Portal Master Rainbow, who invited her to the Skylanders, in which Galaxy accepted. She is a familiar face in Willow Woods, and many magic users come to her for her magic advice.


Galaxy is a calm, patient tiger who is a friendly face around Willow Woods. She also loves to cook. She is also a lover of fashion and is very loyal to her friends.


  • Galaxy was originally named "Starstripe".
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