Fruit VineEdit

Fruit Vine is one the 16 new swap force in Skylanders: Party. He is available in the Lifely(it is not a spelling mistake, it is a pun) Swap Attack Pack along with Power Gas Stink Bomb
Stink Bomb

Stink Bomb, also in the lifely pack.




Fruit Chunk - Top

Press Attack 1 to throw a apple.

Pomegranate Bomb - Bottom

Press Attack 2 to throw a pomegranate that explodes.

Visible Upgrades:

Bananarang - Top

Press Attack 3 to throw a banana that will travel in an arc.

Apple Harvest - Top

Apples do increased damage.

Orange you you glad it's not an apple? - Top

Hold Attack 1 to charge the vine, release to shoot an orange that does double the damage.

Vinefield - Bottom

Pomegranate bombs do increased damage.

Thicker Roots - Bottom

Armor is increased. More useful than a trunk!

Double Splat - Bottom

Hold Attack 2 to charge the vine, release to throw two bombs.


Fruit Thrower - Top:   1. Fruit Punches

                          Press Attack 1, Attack 1, hold Attack 1 to throw a lemon that creates a pile of lemony acid that damages ememies. Press Attack 1, Attack 1, hold Attack 2 to fire apple slices rapidly  

                                                                                                                                                                    2. Fresh Harvest                       3. Cherry Bomb                                                                                                                          as long as you hold Attack 2. Press Attack 1, Attack 1, hold Attack 3 to whip around a vine in a full circle. Apples do maximum damage.    Hold Attack 1 even longer to throw a cherry bomb that              

explodes and deals massive damage.

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