"Spin and Smash!" '

- Fox Shot's Offical Catchfrase

Skylanders trap team fox shot

Fox Shot
Species: Spinner Fox
Gender: Male
Element: Magic
Role: Core Skylanders
Appears in: Skylanders: Triple Fighters

Attack 1: Time Staffs

Attack 2: Spin'n'win

Attack 3: Hypno eyes

First Release: Skylanders: Triple Fighters


Fox Shot was is a Scientist who is interseted in the ways of day and night. during a test he was teleported to a world of hypnotism, which was being attacked by hypnotised trolls. he fonud and leapt onto a spinning wheel and added a pair of hypnotic goggles. he beated the trolls and returned to skylands. info on his heroism spread to skylands and to eon. who made him a skylander! he was now a brave hero, even though most people try to avoid nearing his lab...

Stats and Card Edit

Attack: 140

defense: 240

speed: 300

Luck: 170

Skylanders triple fighters fox shot card

Fox Shot's Card


Skylanders triple fighters fox shot figure pack

Fox Shot's Pack

Skylanders triple fighters Fox Shot figure

Fox Shot's Figure

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