Fight is one of the 35 elements in's skylanders series.

History Edit

The Fight Element is all about power. It is the very element that makes sure skylanders have power to aid them in battle. From the smallest and daring to the strongest and powerful, every skylander has great power. And they use that power to fight against Kaos. However, they do tend to get in a lot of fights.

Fight is actually part of the skylander. All they have to do is look deep inside themselves, to unlock the power from within. Fight is not something you find in the environment, but the spirit you find in the skylander.

Abilities Edit

Skylanders who are associated with the Fight element are usally the most powerful. They can summon their own minions with such great power. They also love the color tan. The are strong against Fairy skylanders, but are less capable against Fire skylanders.

When opening a Fight gate, a wrestling bell is heard, and two giant boxing gloves form a tight bridge. In toy form, the skylander is standing on a wrestling ring in the shape of a square.

Weaknesses Edit

The Fire element takes that spirit and burns it to a crisp. Then they consume the body of the skylander until there is nothing left.

Skylanders Edit

Skylanders: Glitch Group

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