``Be Afraid of the Bark!´´

Ent Tree Rex is a reposed Giant skylander of the Life element in Skylanders Adventures.

LIFE - Ent Tree Rex -L GIANT


Long ago before the Giants protected Skylands, Tree Rex was a majestic tree living peacefully in the ancient woods. But this tranquil peace came to an end when the Arkeyans built a nearby factory to produce war machines. After years of his soil being poisoned by the magic and tech waste from the factory, he mutated into who he is now - a powerful Giant who will crush anything that threatens the natural order of things.


  1. Press Attack 1 button to slam the ground with massive fists, causing shockwaves.
  2. Press and hold the Attack 2 button to charge through enemies and obstacles.
  3. Press Attack 3 to harness the power of the sun and shoot light beams.
  4. Press Attack 4 to make grow a giant sequoia.
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