"Slime Time!"

Ectopla-Slime's official catchphrase

Ectopla-Slime is a slime mutant who will be realised alongside Skylanders Dual-Strikers. She is of the Undead Element.


Ectopla-Slime used to be a real human on Planet Earth, and she was also a scientist. One day, she was in her observatory. She looked through her telescope, and found Skylands. She wanted to know more about Skylands, so she built a rocket ship, and flew to Skylands, when suddenly, her spaceship crashed on Skylands. Spyro and Meltdown where playing near Ectopla-Slime's location and heard the explosion. Hiding behind a couple of rocks, they saw Ectopla-Slime crawling out of her spaceship. As soon as the saw her, Meltdown and Spyro attacked her. Ectopla-Slime ran, but eventually, Meltdown caught her, and jumped on her. Spyro found a can of mutagen and poured it on Ectopla-Slime's head. Ectopla-Slime transformed into a slime mutant, and began attacking Spyro and Meltdown. The two skylanders put her in a jar and brought her to Master Eon, where she became a skylander, after she apologized to Spyro and Meltdown for attacking them.


Ecta-Whip- Press Attack 1 to slap enemies.

Puddle of Doom- Press Attack 2 to melt into a slime puddle. Ectopla-Slime cannot move while like this. This                               will also cause enemies to slow down when they step inside it.

Basic Attacks

Ectornado- Ecta Whip does increased damage. Hold the button to slap enemies in tornado mode.

Creepy Crawly- You can now move in puddle mode.

Slime Trap- Press Attack 3 to jump up and slam down on enemies as a giant puddle of goo.

Sea Snot- Ectopla-Slime becomes more muscular, and all attacks do increased damage.

Raging Snot Path

Slime Spear- Dash through enemies as a slimey bull.

Gotta Hand it to Ya- Ecta Whip attack forms as a huge hand.

Fist-aphopia- Huge fists are formed when performing Ecta Whip.

Snot Storm Path

Jump a round- Jump on enemies to trap them when you Hold Attack 2.

Thick Shell- New color attracts enemies.

Sea Snot Surrounded- Take the form of an undersea snot storm (those are real) and trap enemies, destroying them, when performing Puddle of Doom.

Soul Gem- Barf Goo- Press Attack 1 and hold Attack 3 to barf green goo.


  • Ectopla-Slime resembles Meltdown, as both skylanders are liquid skylanders, although Ectopla-Slime is made of slime and Meltdown is made of water. 
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