Done for the Gun (Skylanders Flash short)

Done for the Gun (Skylanders Flash short)


Done for the Gun is a Flash animated short by Black Rhino Ranger (BRR for Short, BRRGames on Youtube and BRRSpore on Wikia).


Trigger Happy and Rattle Shake prepare were facing off in a western style. Trigger Happy says "Draw" and they both bring out some paper and a pencil. Rattle Shake's drawing impressed Gill Grunt and Spyro who were the judges (although the drawing was very simple). Trigger Happy did his version (which has more detail) but it didn't impress the judges. Trigger Happy was shocked and faints. Spyro and Gill Grunt ask the other Skylanders to Put Trigg to "bed" and not to forget a cold bucket of water.

Music usedEdit

  • The Good, The Bad and the Ugly theme song
  • Spore Western music


  • Rattle Shake's way of saying "How's this" is similar to the way he said that quote from the official exclusive-to-E3 extended trailer of Skylanders: Swap Force.
  • Trigger Happy isn't dead. Why would you think Gill Grunt who ask for a cold bucket of water?
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