"All Scrambled Up!"

Crackosuarus is a dinosaur egg with legs who was a Dual Striker core skylander in Skylanders Dual Strikers, and is a reposed skylander in Skylanders: Terrable Two. He is of the Earth element, and will be in a Wave 2 triple pack with Bush Bowler and Shock Squatch. His evolved form is Craco Raurus.



Crackosaurus is not even fully hatched yet, and somehow, he can see what is doing. The only part of him that is hatched is his feet. Whats under his shell is a big mistery. 


Crackosuarus was only just an egg when his mother went on a food hunt, but never returned. After a month, all that hatched was his feat. He was blind, well, his head wasn't hatched yet, and one day, he didn't see where he was going, and accidently walked right into the cave of the Cracko Raurus. Cracosuarus was unaware that Crackoraurus was chasing him, but somehow, Crackosaurus swallowed Cracko Raurus in one bite! But suddenly, a huge magic volcano erupted and replenished the magic in Skylands, fusing Cracko Raurus into Crackosaurus's body, and then Crackosaurus was blown into the present. Now, whenever, Crackosuarus evolves, he becomes a dinosaur with heads for hands.  

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