``Queen of Atlantis´´

Coralish is the Giant of the Ether element in Skylanders Adventures.
ETHER - Coralish - GIANT


Coralish is a descendant of the Royal family of Atlantis, everyone thought it was going to be a very good Queen, while her sister Coraline was always in the shadows to not be the Queen. One day the sister of Coralish stole the large Crown of coral and manipulate all the soldiers of the Kingdom so that they attack to Coralish while they were defenseless, but Coralish was able to escape using his magic ink and quietly remove the Crown to her sister and put it in the head, at that moment she banished her sister forever and liberated Atlantis from slavery. then she was recruited by Kaos.


  1. She can hit with its tentacles, if you keep the attack she create around a cloud of magic ink.
  2. He can do a coral barrier.
  3. She can create a giant magic Vortex and grow its tentacles of the Vortex. 
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