"Flamin' dead!"

-Coal Stripe's official catchphrase

Coal Stripe is a Gemini Tiger Hybrid Skylander from Skylanders: Hybrids. He bears both the Fire and Undead element. It is proven that his sister is Cool Cat.






Gemini Tigers always born with opposite elements. The reason is little known about, much less the origin of these beasts. They're always together at birth, but then seperated after a week. Coal Stripe was born of Fire while his sister, Cool Cat was Water. He was taken to a magic volcano at the Cloudbreak Islands while she was escorted to a snowy mountain near the Skylanders' main headquarters.

The magic from the volcano once splashed on the fire tiger, giving him the abilities to control fire. He then found himself at the Core of Light, where he met Master Eon and became a Skylander the same time as his sister. The reality however, was not yet identified at that time until the two were stationed at their birth land, the Soulstorm Isles.

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