Claus and his Skylanders is a series about Portal Master Claus and his Skylanders; Ridley, Drago, and the Ultimate Chimera. It is made by Master Masked Man.

Stories so far Edit

  1. Galactic Darkness
  2. Porky Problems
  3. From the Depths of DeviantART
  4. The Hidden Snivy
  5. The Chimera's Dream
  6. Ghost of the Lioness
  7. Claus' Kingdom (unfinished)


In the first three stories, there is no exact plot and the series just seems to focus on the adventures of Claus, Ridley, Drago, and the Ultimate Chimera. The Hidden Snivy and The Chimera's Dream revolve around the plot of Porky stealing the Galactic Generator and turning Fernstar into a chimera, and the Galactic Generator plot was quickly solved in The Chimera's Dream.


Main CharactersEdit

Other CharactersEdit


  • Claus and his Skylanders might take place in between Skylanders: Elements of Prophecy stories. Galactic Darkness might take place in between Dragon Island Drama and Suns of Acornia, Porky Problems might take place in between Enter the Vecoline and Unfounded Revenge, and From the Depths of DeviantART might take place in between Unfounded Revenge and Shades of Purple. It has been confirmed that The Hidden Snivy takes place in between Two Insane Heroes and The Porky Invasion. From The Chimera's Dream onwards, it takes place after EoP.
  • Galactic Darkness was going to be an alone fanfiction, but it was eventually placed first in the series.
  • Many characters from Skylanders: Elements of Prophecy make cameos, such as Porky keeping a picture of Sparky in his room.
  • Other than Galactic Darkness, every story was first written in Microsoft Word, and due to Wikia's flawed copy+paste system, this causes the italics to get messed up. This is especially bad in From the Depths of DeviantART.
  • Sometimes, characters in the series other than Claus and his Skylanders get larger roles, overshadowing the main characters.
    • Fernstar was practically the main character of The Chimera's Dream.
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