—Wrecking Ball's Official Catchphrase

ButterFly Wrecking Ball is a reposed skylander of the Magic element in Skylanders Adventures.

MAGIC - Butter Fly Wrecking Ball - CORE


Wrecking Ball was once a tiny grub worm about to become the main ingredient in an old wizard’s cauldron of magic stew. But when he was dropped in, the wizard was shocked to see the little grub devour all of the soup and emerge from the cauldron 20 times larger and with a long, sticky tongue. The poor old wizard was even more surprised seconds later, when Wrecking Ball proceeded to swallow him whole. Eventually he ran, quite literally, into the powerful Portal Master Eon, who was intrigued by how he came to be and impressed with his unique abilities.


  1. Wrecking Ball slaps enemies with his super-tongue.
  2. Summon magic for a spin forcefield charge.
  3. Releases a burp attack that has increased range after eating something.
  4. He can fly.
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