"Burnin' Up The Track!"
    —Burn Rubber's catchphrase.
FireSymbolSkylanders Burn Rubber FireSymbolSkylanders
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Role: Skylander
World: Fire Vroom Kingdom
Attacks/Actions: TBA

Burn Rubber is a fanmade Core Skylander of the Fire element. He is not in any fanmade games as of yet.

Burn Rubber's StoryEdit

Burn Rubber was one of the fastest motorcyclists in the Fire Vroom Kingdom. He had so many fans, until one day, a bunch of Kaos' troll minions came and tried to snatch away the king of the Fire Vroom Kingdom. Burn Rubber was quick to react, and used fire power, which he never knew he had, to save the king. That day, The Skylander Eruptor was there, and watched the whole battle. He contacted Master Eon, who then made Burn Rubber a Skylander.

Attacks and UpgradesEdit

Firethrower - Press 'Attack 1' to shoot short bursts of fire from Burn Rubber's right hand.

Speed Wheel - Press 'Attack 2' to make a wheel roll from Burn Rubber's head that does medium damage.

Come Catch Me! - Press 'Attack 3' to ride a motorcycle, which increases speed. Cost: 500

Burn Away - Firethrower does increased damage. Cost: 700

Getting Faster - Press 'Attack 3' to ride a motorcycle. Motorcycle now does damage when you run into an enemy using the new wheel! Cost: 900

My Fast Wheel - Speed Wheel moves faster. Cost: 1200

Fire's a Plenty Path

Blue Fire - Fire is now blue and does MORE increased damage. Cost: 1700

Hold It... - Hold 'Attack 1' to use the Firethrower infinitely. Cost: 2200

Fire Wheel - While holding 'Attack 1', press 'Attack 2' to cause a gigantic wheel to fall from the sky dealing HUGE damage. Cost: 3000

Beep Beep! Broom Path

Motorcycle Mania - Come Catch Me does lots more damage. Cost: 1700

Light the Way - A path of fire will appear when using 'Attack 3'. Cost: 2200

Playing With Fire - While using 'Attack 3' hold 'Attack 2' to make a circle of wheels go around the bike like a shield. Release to cause all the wheels to target enemies. Cost: 3000

Soul Gem Ability

Check It - A new suit of armour is given to Burn Rubber. Awesome for a motorcycle racer! Cost: 4000

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