``No one is more Brilliant´´

Bronze Teeth is the Giant of the Light element in Skylanders Adventures
LIGHT - Bronze Teeth - GIANT


As all of its kind Bronze teeth was born with a coat made of bronze and custom made wholesale gave you its golden fur, but one day about a few trolls armed with explosive diamonds attacked the village of Bronze Teeth and is dirijieron to the Golden Star, which was the center of the life of all those of the species of Bronze Teeth and if they destroyed the Golden Star everyone would die.Bronze Teeth then attacked and I defeated all the trolls, he had only general troll, when he found it, the general was trying to turn off the star, but Bronze Teeth sacrifice their skin Golden in order to overcome the General, then Kaos recruited he as a Skylander


  1. He can hit the enemies with his shields, If you hold the button of the first attack the transmitted two shields and make a giant shield to attack.
  2. He can become molten metal and burn the enemies
  3. His fur is transform golden and improve their attacks, if you keep the attack are you anger by removing the fur and exploded.  
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