"Let There Be Light!"
    —Blind Sight's official catchphrase
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Species: Light Fakebot
Gender: Male
Element: Light
Role: Core
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: Imaginarium
Skylanders: Master Quest
Attacks/Actions: Light Lob
Flash Cannon
English Voice Actor: RoyalPharodox172
First Release: Skylanders: Imaginarium
Blind Sight, a Light elemental fakebot, is a new Core Skylander in Skylanders: Imaginarium. He is of the Light element, and is set to be released in the Starter Pack for the game. His re-imagined counterpart is called Shimmering Shotgun Blind Sight. He pilots the Cove Light vehicle.

Background Edit

Personality Edit

Known by all in the Imaginarium as being Lucas's first Skylander ever, Blind Sight owns the incredible responsibility of leadership. He always knows what to do when trouble is afoot, and always leads other Skylanders out of trouble.

Biography Edit

When a star had shined on the remains of an unworking Arkeyan robot, Blind Sight had came to life. He had never really learned his true significance behind his existance, and was born into the world as a complete noob. He never understood anything, except for his ability to produce balls of light and blast ultraviolet light from his stomach. Blind Sight wandered the lands of the Imaginarium, boggling the minds of Mabu of what he was and where he came from. One night, while wandering in Flister Forest, he caught sight of two evil creatures trying to break into a cabin. Knowing by intuition that they were evil, Blind Sight immediately jumped into battle and defeated them. This awoke Lucas, who would soon become friends with the light robot. Realizing that there was too much evil in the Imaginarium to go unnoticed, Lucas offered Blind Sight a role on the Skylanders. Blind Sight accepted, and soon, he would be the first Skylander ever to wander the Imaginarium.

Story Edit

Way back in Skylands' ancient times, where the Arkeyans enslaved Mabu and forced them to work, the Arkeyan had plans for their first robot that harnessed the power of light. This bot would start a new generation of Arkeyan knights, who would use the power of light against Skylanders. However, while they had built an actual body for the bot, the Arkeyans never had the intelligence to find a light source, as all of the light had been stored away in the very foundation of Skylands. The concept for the light Arkeyan would be scrapped, and left in the Arkeyan graveyards ever since.

Thousands of years passed since the remains of the bot had been built. The body was still in great shape, but it was buried deep under the remnants of the Arkeyan rubble. One day, a bright star shined onto the remains, providing a light source for the bot to consume. Emerging from the rubble, the light bot was full of life, and Blind Sight was born. After all those years, even though he was never alive, he still remembered the Arkeyans' original plans for his creation. But rather than spreading evil throughout the Imaginarium, Blind Sight would wander the lands trying to help those in need. After three months of exploration, Blind Sight found his way in Flister Forest, where Lucas had lived. One night, he caught site of zombies trying to break down the doors of his cabin. Without any hesitation, Blind Sight lunged into battle, lobbing light balls and blinding enemies. When the zombies were defeated and Lucas had awoken from his sleep, he realized he had been saved by Blind Sight. The two would become the best of friends, and soon, Lucas realized that Blind Sight had a courageous spirit...enough to pass to become a Skylander.

Gameplay Edit

Stats Edit

Overall, Blind Sight's stats are decent. His strength and agility numbers are average, due to his somewhat strong attacks and the effects they have on enemies, and the pace he travels. Blind Sight's defense stat number is the highest, because of his armor.

Blind Sight
Basic Stats
Attack 70/100
Defense 85/100
Speed 65/100
Luck 90/100
Other attributes
Element Light
Type Core
Appears in Skylanders: Imaginarium

Abilities Edit

Blind Sight's upgrades are pretty standard. His default attack has him lob balls of light at enemies, and they can be further upgraded to have an electrical outline. His secondary default attack allows him to blast a powerful beam of light from his stomach, blinding enemies.

Upgrades Edit

Basic Abilities
These abilities are available from the start of the game.
Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:
Flister Forest

Light Lob Flash Cannon Burning Desire

Primary Ability
Lob balls of light at enemies.

Secondary Ability
Send out a powerful beam of light from your stomach.

Price: 4000
All light you produce becomes extra bright, and all light attacks deal +50 damage.

Basic Upgrades
Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone/Power Pods.

Glowing Great! Blinding Beam Flashlight Fire Flashlight Flarefire

Price: 500
All balls of light deal more damage.

Price: 700
The Flash Cannon deals more damage and blinds enemies that aren't defeated immediately by it.

Price: 900
Use a flashlight that deals some extra damage to enemies.

Price: 1200
Enemies defeated after using the flashlight leaves a small afterflame in it's place. Standing in the fire either makes your attacks stronger or damages enemies that step in it.

Radiant Raider
Further develop Light attacks!

Ultra-violent Light! Flashing Fire Electrical Field

Price: 1700
All Light Lobs and Flash Cannon blasts are enhanced with violet light, which deal even more damage when thrown.

Price: 2200
Light from the Flash Cannon leaves bigger afterflames after an enemy is defeated.

Price: 3000
All ultraviolet light attacks are enhanced with an electrical outline, dealing maximum damage!

Founder Of The Flashlight
Enhance the uses of the flashlight!

Wide Shine Fiery Finish Ultra-Violent

Price: 1700
Flashlight attack affects enemies within a wider radius.

Price: 2200
All enemies defeated with the flashlight leave an even bigger afterflame.

Price: 3000
Flashlight is enhanced with ultraviolet light.

Rainbow Ray Light Wave Spectral Switcher

Price: 5000
Shoot seven simultaneous rainbow blasts from the Flash Cannon for MAXIMUM damage!

Price: 5000
Perform a light shockwave attack!

Price: 5000
Switch light color to any color of the rainbow. Each color has a different effect on enemies.

Skylanders can use abilities depending on their level.

Starting Powers

  • none (Primary Attack): none
  • none (Secondary Attack): none


  • none (requires level: none): none
  • none (requires level: none): none
  • none (requires level: none): none

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Quotes Edit

Battle Cries Edit

  • "Let There Be Light!" - catchphrase
  • "My time to shine!"
  • "Ultra-Violent!"
  • "Light up and shine!"
  • "Oh, yeah!"
  • "Don't stare at the sun!"
  • "Flash and thrash!"
  • "Lights out for you!"
  • "Now I've got the spotlight!" - when leveling up
  • "Spotlight's on me!" - when leveling up
  • "Blinding bounce!" - when using a bounce pad
  • "Boing!" - when using a bounce pad
  • "Shining through!" - when opening gate
  • "The journey runs on!" - when opening gate
  • "The source of the light!" - when opening elemental gate
  • "Sparkling spoils!" - when unlocking a treasure chest
  • "Shimmering shinies!" - when unlocking a treasure chest
  • "Ooh! I'll take it" - when unlocking a treasure chest
  • "My voice may sound weak, but check these out!" - when checking stats
  • "Now that's more like it!" - when checking stats
  • "Aw man, now my eye will look weird!" - when putting on a hat
  • "All enemies will gaze at me! - when putting on a hat

Media Quotes Edit

  • "Time to settle this once and for all." - Skylander Death Battles - Blind Sight vs. Spy Glass
  • "Game...*fixes voice**fixes voice* on!"
  • "Oh, no you don't!"
  • "I knew I'd win."
  • "Yep, these guys are special, alright. And I know what's special. After all, I'm the first ever Skylander!" - Skylanders: Imaginarium - Gamer Gear Skylanders Announcement Trailer
  • "He makes my light balls look like, well, nothing!"

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Trivia Edit

  • Blind Sight is the first Skylander of Lucas's Original Ten.
    • This means that he is the first Skylander ever created to protect the Imaginarium.
    • Blind Sight was the first of eight Skylanders created on April 26, 2011, his first design created with the other nine on a piece of paper a day later.
  • Out of the Original Ten, Blind Sight has been through the most changes in development.
    • When created, he was originally of the Tech element. Then, Lucas had the idea of adding the Light and Dark element (an idea that would soon come to life in Skylanders: Trap Team.). So, the next day, Software would be created for the Light element, but since his concept was more "Techy", Software and Blind Sight swapped elements. This was because Blind Sight was more "Light" based.
    • Blind Sight had been through three name changes, his first one being Light Saber, and his second being Shine Get. It was then chosen that Blind Sight was a better name than the previous two, so the creator swapped to Blind Sight again.
    • His original backstory talked about Blind Sight being created by an evil wizard and sent to destroy a village. But then Spy Glass battled him and reprogrammed him to become good.
    • Blind Sight has had the least design changes. He only had one minor design change, and that was when it was decided to have his eyes float around rather than being attached.
    • He originally had an attack that allowed his eyes to float away, attacking enemies by blasting them with lasers. This was removed in place of the Flashlight, as it was seen as too bland.
    • His voice concept was originally robotic, then resembled that of a humanoid. Because he is neither of these, his voice concept was changed to be rather "mechanically squeaky".
    • He, along with the rest of the Original Ten, were scrapped due to how bland the creator thought all of them were.
  • Blind Sight is one of the three characters available in the Starter Pack for Skylanders: Imaginarium, along with Spy Glass and Mineral.
  • His best friends in the Imaginarium are Lucas, Spy Glass, Mineral, and Heatwave.
    • Out of the five of them, he is the youngest, as he had only existed for three months before he had become a Skylander.
    • Blind Sight is possibly the youngest of all Skylanders.
  • His design colors resemble that of the Arkeyan Rip-Rotors, a spinning enemy in Skylanders: Swap Force. This is purely a coincidence, as Blind Sight was created three years before Swap Force was even announced.
  • In the second, third, and fourth update of Skylanders: Imaginarium, he is set to have three Wow Pow moves, respectively.
  • The effects of his third Wow Pow, Spectral Switcher, are listed below.
    • Red Light: Light balls and Flash Cannon become fireballs and fire cannons.
    • Orange Light: Flash Cannon is replaced by a chargeable sun ball, which can be thrown at enemies for MAXIMUM damage.
    • Yellow Light: Light balls are replaced with green lasers pistols, that rapidly fire lasers.
    • Green Light: All enemies defeated by any Light attack leave food.
    • Blue Light: Same as the effects of the Red Light, but enhanced with blue fire.
    • Indigo Light: Buffs up blue fire for a short time.
    • Violet Light: Serves as a buff for Blind Sight's physical attributes. Strength, Armor, Speed, and Luck are all enhanced for as long as this color is active.
  • In the fifth update, a re-imagined form of him will be released. This form will be called Shimmering Shotgun Blind Sight. He is set to have a shot gun that shoots light balls and flash cannons, as well as have a moveset that is strongly inspired by the beliefs of rainbows.
  • Blind Sight has a problem with his voice, as sometimes, his voice transfers from a mechanically squeaky voice, to a more robotic voice, to his real voice. This is because the gears in his mechanical voice manipulators have trouble turning at their constant rate. The only way to fix this is for Blind Sight to drink oil, but he refuses to drink oil for fears that he might power down forever.
  • As hinted by one of his quotes in the announcement trailer for Gamer Gear Skylanders, Blind Sight seems to be jealous of Solar Reflex, as he believes his snowballs from his snowball gun supersede Blind Sight's light balls.
  • On DeviantArt, user JoltikLover made a game called "Skylanders: Master Quest". He accepted other users to suggest their fanmade Skylanders, and they would be entered as Guest Stars characters. The creator entered Blind Sight as a suggestion, and JoltikLover accepted him.

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  • Radioactiv, for original design of Blind Sight.
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