Biohazard is the tech element core skylander in Skylanders: Party . He is available in a single pack or a double pack with Illusion.Edit



Oil Spill

Press Attack 1 to shoot a drop of mutagen at enemies.

Apperance Transformation 

Press Attack 2. The mutagen transforms Biohazard into a robot with new attack for 2 minutes.

Visible Upgrades

Mutagen Pool

Attack 3 lets you throw the mutagen bottle, creating a pool.

Gas Fumes

Mutagen Pool creates fumes, poisoning enemies.

Spikey Hog

Appearance Transformation turns you into a bomb robot with new attacks.

Melting Magic

Oil Spill melts enemies now.


"Mutation Machine!"

Biohazard was originally a normal pig living on Planet Earth, but aliens kidnapped Biohazard, beat him, strapped him with mutagen, and loaded him onto thier ship. The spaceship was going to Planet Mars, but the spaceship crashlanded in Skylands. Without any hesititation, Biohazard threw some mutagen at the aliens, destroying them. After that, Biohazard ran off. A few days later, tired and hungry, Biohazard found Eon, and was about to attack him, but instead, Eon made Biohazard a skylander, after saying he had the right attitude.

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