``I will fly´´

Beauty Fly is a core skylander of the Air element in Skylanders Adventures.

AIR - Beauty Fly - CORE


Beauty Fly was a gremlin orphan and one day the Queen of giant dragonflies the ground and the treatment as if it were her own daughter, with the passage of time to Beauty Fly grew you wings and tail, and learned the power to create small dragonflies, but one day an a giant bees began to destroy the village of giant dragonflies and then Beauty Fly began to create many dragonflies for help it defend her home, giant bees beat Beauty Fly, but then a giant creature emerged from nowhere and overcame the giant bees helped Beauty Fly, Swarm was the giant of the air and it recruited to Beauty Fly in the skylanders.


  1. She can throw Dragonfly eggs.
  2. She can summon dragonflies.
  3. She can Fly.
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