Sprocket, mentioned in Beam Steam's biography.

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Beam SteamEdit

Beam Steam is the fire element core skylander of Skylanders: Party. He is available in a single pack or in a double pack with Garnet Jet .



Flare Chunk

Press Attack 1 to throw a fireball at enemies.

Steam Sphere

Press Attack 2 to shoot a ball of smoke at enemies, stunning them for a short time.

Visible Upgrades:

Pattern Pow

Fire does more damage over time.

Smoke Screen

Stunning effects last longer.

Laser Gun

Press Attack 3 to shoot a small laser.


Fire does increased damage.

Upgrade Paths:

Beamer: 1. Wildfire                                 2. Beam Blast                                                                                             3. Cross-eyed

Fire does maximum damage.  Holding attack 3 will make lasers permanent and do increased damage. You can now shoot 2 beams. Press attack 3, attack 3, hold attack 2 for a special combo.

Steamer: 1. Power Smoke                                                                                  2. Smoke Spread                                                                                                                                    3. Smoke Detector

Smoke balls now do damage, and in addition, stunning lasts longer. Shoot three balls of smoke, where damage and stunning time are increased. Plus, they now spread. Smoke has maximum damage and stun time.

Soul Gem: Heat It Up

Hold Attack 1 for a wave of blue fire.


"The smoke detector!"

Beam Steam was a very smart robot, designed by Sprocket. He loved to do whatever Sprocket wanted. However, in his free time, he built things. His best contraption was one of fire and smoke turrets. It came to good use one day when Kaos sent many trolls against Sprocket. Just in time, Beam Steam stepped in to defend. Once all the trolls were defeated, Kaos was so mad that he set a curse upon Beam Steam, merging him with his contraption. Realizing his power, Sprocket brought him to Eon, who made him a Skylander.

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