"Poisons the air around him."
    —Villain Vault description

Bad Breath is a Gas, who is a Stink Teammate in Skylanders: Portal Pullers. He is of the Fire Element. He was put in Prison Warp for bringing deadly odors to the land of Hateful Highlands.

FireSymbolSkylanders Bad Breath FireSymbolSkylanders
Species: Gas
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Role: Stink Spreader, Ally
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: Portal Pullers
Attacks/Actions: Fart, Bad Breath
English Voice Actor: Blindsighter101

Character Development Edit

Blindsighter101 thought of Bad Breath's design right off the bat. However, he was originally going to be put in the Undead element. Dark Side, another Stink Spreader, was originally of the Magic element at the time. However, since he planned for the game to have no Magic Stink Spreader, he moved Dark Side to the Undead element. Pyro, who is also a Stink Spreader, was originally of the Fire element. He had to be moved to the Tech element, so Bad Breath could be the Fire Stink Spreader. The original Tech Stink spreader, the Eliminator, was scrapped as a Stink Spreader and later changed to a normal villain.

Abilities Edit

Bad Breath's farts poison enemies. He also throws mud balls and has halitosis.

Story Edit

History Edit

Like High Voltage, Bad Breath was born from the disgusting Nether King. However, he was made from the Nether King's fart. After five years down in the Netherworld, he ascended to the Over World to try to poison air everywhere. Eventually, the Trap Master's ancestors, the Portal Pullers, trapped him and sent him to Prison Warp.

Skylanders: Portal Pullers Edit

kuks were freed from Prison Warp by Kaos. Like thfuuikuhke other Stink Spreaders, Bad Breath uikugfuas more willing to follow the Chrome King's orders. He went to Hateful Highlands to poison all of the Mabu's crops, only to be tracked down and trapped by the Portal Pullers.

Quotes Edit

Story Quotes Edit

"Don't worry, my king. When I'm done with the Portal Pullers, they'll wish thy were never born!""
    —when talking to King Chrome.

"Alright, minions. Capture the Skylander!"
    —when summoning minions against the skylander in Hateful Highlands.
"It's time I put my "Stinkocity" skills to the test!"
    —when first battling.

Trap Quotes Edit

"Ok, I'll do whatever you wish. Just don't do what you're about to do! "
    —his plead not to trap him.

"I never smelled that baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!"
    —when sucked into a vortex.

"Ugh! Five seconds in, and I'e already stunk up the place!"
    —when inside the trap.

"I'll scrub myself and change my ways!"
    —when becoming good.

"Smelly for gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!"
    —when entering the game.

"What? I take my shower once a year now......."
    —when battling.

Villain Quest Edit

Hateful Highlands- Revival of the Earth

Trivia Edit

  • He was originally going to be a normal villain, but that changed.
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