The BHCreations Saga is, as the title may suggest, BHCreations' series of Skylanders games. Currently, there are four in-progress games; three main series, one spin-off.

Skylanders: Aqua Squad

Originally, the second game in the saga, Skylanders: Aqua Squad has since been recognized as the first. Many of the Skylanders are directly taken from the original Skylanders: Unleashed article.

This entry focuses on many different aspects that previous titles didn't dare to touch. For example, the Skylanders are made to be more mobile than before, with tons of new basic moves. Four player co-op/versus is introduced for the first time.

The big gimmick of the game is the Aqua Squad. There are 16 of them in total, equal to that of the Swap Force. Water mechanics are a very big part of the game itself. However, these water sections are only accessed with an Aqua Squad Skylander.

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