The Aqua Squad are a group of Skylanders hailing from Atlantis. They are the special Skylanders in Skylanders: Aqua Squad. They each have a secondary element, their primary always being Water.


Thousands of years ago, the Giants ruled the land. Not much was known about them, until they were uncovered. But at the same time, far beneath the surface, lived the Aqua Squad, a magical group of Skylanders who watched over and guarded Atlantis. The Titan Pearl was what gave the city its power. But when Atlantis was attacked by an evil band of Sea Pirates, the Aqua Squad was forced to fight back. They were defeated, but they couldn't bear to watch their city crumble. Very weak, and nearly upon death, they struggled to keep the Titan Pearl safe. The Pirates retreated. The attack was still not over. As the evil gang of raiders sailed away, they decided to not leave anything behind them. So they shot down the city with cannons. All the citizens had already escaped, but the Aqua Squad refused to move. A giant piece of debris then smashed into them and the Titan Pearl, releasing its magic. They absorbed the huge amount of energy, and gained mysterious powers. Now, it is up to the Portal Master to find the Silver Trident, an ancient relic that may be enough to restore the city. But, there will be many obstacles in the Skylanders' path. With the help of the magical Aqua Squad and the other Skylanders, the Portal Master will not be alone.


As well as being slightly taller than core Skylanders, the figures are all lightcore in certain areas (such as Nova's eyes). In addition to this, each figure is glow in the dark.

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  • Tidal Wave and Pinch are the only Aqua Squad Skylanders to only have one element.
  • Armor Dillo shares the name with a Ben 10 alien.
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