The Antilanders (or Anti-Landers) are a league of villains who oppose the Skylanders and constantly try to take over Skylands. They serve as the secondary antagonists of Skylanders: Dimensions as well as the main antagonists of its prequel Skylanders: Evolution. Each member of the team that appears in Dimensions somehow has the power to manipulate Skylanders of a certain element as well as a certain Dimension power.


Skylanders: Dimensions

Near the climax of the game Kaos' Dad breaks 8 of the Antilanders out of prison and recruits them to work for Kaos. The Antilanders aren't too thrilled about working for a "failure" and Kaos isn't interested in working with "amateurs." However, the Antilanders decide to work for him anyway due to them all hating the Skylanders and Kaos agrees to work with them saying, "I guess it's much better than having to work with mother!" In the game after the player finds a Dimension power, they'll have to face off with one or two Antilanders at a time before they can steal it and deliver it to Kaos.

Skylanders: Evolution

Little is known about the Antilanders' role in Evolution. The only things we do know is that there will be 13 of them and their hatred for the Skylanders will be explained in this game.



A wolf-like creature and the leader of the team. He is very impatient, doesn't like to waste time, and is really annoyed by Rockoon's jokes. Despite all of this he does look out for every member of the team and ensures that the job is done right. He pilots an Arkeyan battle copter and controls the Dimension power: Invisible. His element is magic.


A beautiful squirrel-like creature and the only female member of the team. She serves as Alpha's second-in-command. She is Rockoon's cousin and has an obvious crush on Alpha (and is often annoyed by Rockoon as much as him). If there's one thing she loves more than money (and Alpha) it's revenge against the Skylanders. She pilots an Arkeyan battle copter and controls the Dimension power: Fast Foward. Her element is Fire.


A raccoon-like creature who doesn't take a lot of things too seriously. He is possibly the youngest member of the team due to his immature behavior. He tries to defeat his enemies (and prank the other members of the team) using earth-based attacks such as causing avalanches and even throwing mud in people's faces. He drives an Arkeyan battle car and controls the Dimension power: Sound. His element is Earth.

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